DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO13) – Over the past weekend farm stands around the metro started selling sweet corn. However the price per dozen has increased due increasing fertilizer, fuel, and seed costs for farmers.

Farmers sell directly to farm stands and grocery stores so they don’t set the price customers see but they expect prices to be higher this year.

Matt Deardorff of Deardorff Sweet Corn said that everything has been more expensive for his farm this year.

“Everything has gone up in price from seed fertilizer of course diesel fuel. Everything.” Deardorff said.

While prices are expected to increase its unclear by how much. Deardorff Sweet Corn will deliver to grocery stores tomorrow and have already been distributing corn to farm stands starting this past weekend.

The late start to the season may increase how long the season lasts.

“It prolongs the season you know like with the later planting of corn and soybeans usually they’re done with harvest late October or early November and this just depends on the weather it could prolong it into December this year you don’t know.” Deardorff said.