DES MOINES, Iowa — The IMT Des Moines Marathon will take place this Sunday and it is expected to increase profits for local businesses.

This year’s race will be unlike previous years because of a sudden influx of registration. The Twin Cities Marathon was canceled last week because of extreme heat. As a result, organizers of the IMT Des Moines Marathon allowed runners who trained for the races in the Twin Cities to register for the Des Moines races.

A spokesperson for the IMT Des Moines Marathon said that there will be thousands of people in Des Moines this weekend, which will bring new customers to local businesses.

Nosh Cafe is located in Des Moines’ East Village on East Locust Street between East 5th Street and East 4th Street.

Although they’ve been located there for four years, they recently underwent some changes. They re-opened around a month ago and are currently in the process of planning their grand re-opening.

Michael Larsen is the new owner and general manager of Nosh Cafe. He said that the marathon this weekend can bring new customers and bring together the community.

Larsen said, “It’s simple to say that it’s just about numbers, but that’s not the case. It’s about people getting excited, it’s about people remembering what they love about Downtown.”

You can find out more about the IMT Des Moines Marathon here.