ALGONA, Iowa — Funeral services for Officer Kevin Cram have been set for Wednesday, September 20th, at 10:30 a.m., in the Wilcox Performing Center at Algona Community School. A public visitation will take place Tuesday from 4 to 8 p.m., also at the Wilcox Center.

The rain was pouring, and it was a somber mood, as a white hearse carrying the body of officer Kevin Cram from Algona arrived back in the town where he had worked. Officer Cram was shot and killed Wednesday night while attempting to make an arrest.

On Friday both Algona Public Schools and Bishop Garrigan Schools allowed students to attend the procession as it arrived in town, just after noon.

“It’s tragic for the whole community. It’s been unfortunate to have these events happen so locally,” said Pete Walz, of Algona Middle School. “I’m a classroom teacher, and we talk about it in class all the time, how these things happen globally, and when it hits close to home is it when it really sinks in.”

Students were all given plastic rain covers as a light rain fell in Algona. The procession was quiet, there were no sirens, only the sound of wet tires on pavement. The procession of dozens of emergency vehicles had flashing lights for miles of this line up. A somber group of citizens witnessed officer Cram’s body unloaded at the funeral home.

“Both schools wanted to come out here in show support for officer Cram this family, and all of our law-enforcement and EMTs and everybody, every day put their life in a line to come out here and protect us,” said Walz.

Algona Mayor Rick Murphy said he’s heard from Mayors around Iowa expressing condolences to Algona, and offering support.

“Everyone is certainly saddened, and heartbroken, that something like this would happen here in our community,” said Murphy. “Something like this really impacts everyone, not just our community, but certainly the entire state.”

The Mayor said he’d seen residents stopping on the street to talk about what happened here this week. Many exchanging stories of how officer Cram helped them in some way.

On Friday afternoon, news cameras were asked to move away from the Police Station where Officer Cram’s patrol car was covered in flowers in memorial. His family planned to visit the site, and organizers asked the family be given some privacy in this moment. 

“We’re close knit community are with without with tragedy before and we come together to deal with a  resilient in Community.” said Murphy. “Kevin Cram is kind of a local individual, he grew up not very far from here, he was a good asset to the certainly, the law enforcement community.”