FARGO, N.D. (KXNET) — North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley and Fargo Police Chief David Zibolski, along with other Fargo Police Department officials, held a press conference Thursday, to release body cam footage of the fatal July Fargo shooting incident.

The footage comes from Officer Zach Robinson’s body camera. Robinson is the officer who neutralized the shooter, 37-year-old Mohamad Barakat. The bodycam footage was released in its entirety, from moments before Barakat’s attack to the responding officers arriving when Barakat is neutralized.

The footage shows Officers Jake Wallin, Andrew Dotas, Tyler Hawes, and Zach Robinson responding to a vehicle crash on July 14th, 2023. 58 seconds into the bodycam footage, rapid gunfire is heard, which we now know came from Barakat’s .223 caliber rifle. Those initial gunshots struck Officers Wallin, Dotas, Hawes, and civilian Karlee Koswick. Officer Zach Robinson then radios for help, reporting officers down, and continues to try to neutralize the shooter who has been struck and is on the ground, but continues to reach for the .223 caliber rifle and 9 mm handgun on his person.

Wrigley and Chief Zibolski said in the press conference that the deadly force investigation of Officer Zach Robinson is complete, and has been determined there was no excessive use of deadly force during the incident.

Wrigley said Officer Robinson fired 21 rounds at Barakat and told him to drop his gun 16 times, to which Barakat continued to wave a gun around. Officials believe Barakat was wearing some type of body armor during the exchange. Barakat was shot and killed around 2 minutes into the altercation.

Wrigley said investigators found nearly 2,000 rounds of ammunition, several guns, four handguns, several ammo magazines, and different types of explosives, in Barakat’s car. Investigators previously said Barakat’s online search history included things like “mass shooting events,” “area events,” and “how to kill”, dating back to 2018.

Wrigley said in the press conference Thursday, no new information about Barakat’s search history will be released until that part of the investigation is complete, which the FBI is spearheading, and also interviewing people that Barakat had connected with.