Experts warn about hot playground equipment during the summer

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Summertime usually means kids are out at the parks enjoying the sunshine — but all the things they may be playing on can reach pretty high temperatures.

Playground equipment is usually made of plastic or metal. And with sizzling temperatures, that equipment can get even hotter than what it is outside. Safe Kids Coordinator Amber Emerson recommends parents test the equipment out on themselves first.

“A child can burn a lot easier than an adult, in less than three seconds, so if it feels warm to the touch to you it’s probably too hot for them,” Emerson said.

Even on days when the temperature is only in the low 80s, equipment can still reach triple-digit temperatures. Experts recommend if possible to play on equipment in the shade for a little more protection.

“The part that’s shaded is 100, not shaded 140. So just that little bit of shade makes such a huge difference,” Captain Devin Walter, with the Minot Fire Department, said.

If your child does suffer from a burn there are some things parents can do.

“First thing first, we say to cool the burn so making sure that you would put not ice but just like a cool cloth is good, and then using an antibiotic ointment is helpful,” Emerson said. “If it would be a very bad burn they definitely could be seen by their primary doctor.”

Walker said the wood chips and rubber chips at the playground can also get hot so making sure your kids are wearing shoes at all time is also important.

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