Concerns over possible toy shortages this holiday season has some parents giving up on the expensive high tech toys to focus instead on the classics.

One local toy store does not expect to run out of toys for your little one. Meanwhile, others may consider gifting an antique and unique present.

The owner of Action Toy Man told us that he’s ready to open his doors to hundreds of customers this holiday season, while others are getting ready to spend some of their money.

Tis the season to be shopping. As you walk into Action Toy Man, you can find almost every action figure you can think of dating back to the 60’s.

“There’s always the toy of the year. The most popular stuff and we might not have that kind of thing,” said Patrick Short, Owner of Action Toy Man.

But Short said that he does not have the quality toys that will take your kid back in time.

“So our He-Man shelves are selling down again. Our Star Wars are also selling down again,” said Short.

If you can’t find a toy for your child, no worries. The Action Toy Man has shelves full of them.

Short feels that it’s the coming together of the ages with parents showing their children the classics.

“So while we don’t have the newest, the biggest, the most popular, we have things that bring families together,” said Short.

Besides, this 76-year-old great grandfather looks forward to giving.

“My grandkids action figure is Spiderman and few of those other ones. It used to be Mickey Mouse and McDonald’s and all of them, not McDonald’s but anyways,” said Elder Leon Nelson Hooks, Resident.

Despite different options to gift, the opening of the Canadian boarder can lead to a two-way street for owners like Short and customers like Hook.

“I think we’re going to see a cross over just for toys alone. Collectibles or just for buying Christmas. Either way they have stuff we don’t. We have stuff they don’t,” said Short.

“If you have, do what you can. Don’t stress yourself, don’t get yourself into trouble. The best bargain is going to be after that’s when I go. See I go when everybody starts returning stuff,” said Hook.

The owner of the toy store told us that his prices for toys are inexpensive and that prices start at almost a dollar.

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