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Feeling sore after a workout is no surprise.

But massage therapy is helping some people find relief. 

Barry Owen is a regular at the gym and says his shoulders have always been a problem area after his workouts. 

“I carry all the stress in my upper back so then whenever I’m laying in bed I just can’t get comfortable,” Owen said. 

That’s why Owen turned to massage therapy. 

“You just kind of get these tension knots in your back and then with a deep tissue massage it just works out those knots and just kind of gets your range of motion and just movement back in your neck,” Owen said. 

He receives a massage about once a month and says they’ve helped him in and outside the gym. 

“It helps with stress and just kind of improve my active lifestyle and get better sleep,” Owen said. 

“With working out all the muscles get really really tight from the workouts, so the massage, you get in there and you loosen up the muscles and it helps with elasticity of the muscles and it helps you stretch better,” Carrie Sack, massage therapist with GreatLIFE, said. 

Sack says she sees clients for a variety of issues.

“A lot of people are usually in pain. Some people come for relaxation purposes, especially here within the gym it’s a lot of people who are just trying to kind of help their fitness goals a little bit more,” Sack said. 

The dim lit room and mood setting music help clients relax even more. 

There’s a variety of massages you can choose from, each ranging from about 30 to 90 minutes. 

“We offer Swedish which is, it’s going to be your basic massage. We also offer deep tissue, hot stone, Himalayan salt stone, prenatal,” Sack said. 

Each of them offer different benefits, and one of them even helps with anxiety. 

“It’s the Himalayan salt. The salt kind of helps with inflammation, anxiety, stress, all sorts of things,” Sack said. 

Offering an option for everyone, sore muscles, or not.

To schedule a massage or learn more about what Sack offers, click here.

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