Local Veteran Reacts To North Korean Talks


The talks with President Trump and Kim Jung Un have a lot of people talking. We spoke to a Korean War veteran to find out how he feels about this new relationship between the US and North Korea.

68 years ago the Korean War began. It not only changed the lives of the Korean people, it was also a turning point for many young soldiers from around the world. Wayne Spars was one of those young men.

He enlisted and was off to war at 18 years old. He spent 16 months fighting in Korea.

After seeing the reports from Singapore this week, Spars believes these talks could make the world feel a little safer.

“I have hope that they will, yes. Time will really tell as far as that goes. I don’t know how many years it’s going to take them to dismantle all that but it will be awhile,” Spars said. 

Despite the divide, Spars says during his time in Korea he felt all Koreans shared a lot more in common than apart.

“The older ones, why, they were just as nice as the South Korean people were,” Spars said. 

While some analysts are skeptical of the true intentions from North Korea, Spars thinks this could be an open door to more changes in the country moving forward.

“It would nice to get rid of that barb wire fence that separates the two countries. Where they could freely go between the two and give the North Korean people a little more freedom. How many people are in work camps and stuff like that? No one really knows,” Spars said. 

Spars believes dismantling North Korean nuclear weapons would need to be done slowly, so it is safe and does not impact the environment.

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