Local Students Get National Art Awards


Two students at Lincoln High School are getting national recognition for their artwork! We stopped by the school to see what they’re being honored with.

Sarah Winterscheidt has been teaching art at Lincoln High School for 25 years. This year, her schedule freed up a bit and she decided to submit her students into the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. For first-timers, they did really well.

“I hadn’t checked Scholastic Art yet. When my student told me that, I actually jumped in the air. I was so thrilled,” said Winterscheidt.

Two of her students not only got awards for their work, they were also selected for high honors. That means out of 350,000 submissions, Jada Carlson and McKennan Folkerts were in the top 1-percent.

“So I get to go to New York, where it’s going to be displayed in Carnegie Hall,” said Jada.

Jada’s portrait photograph of herself was shot in her room, without any special lighting or equipment. 
She says she likes spontaneity.

“I was just trying to show just the feeling of being alone. Just kind of in your thoughts,” said Jada.

For McKennan, this is a brand new adventure.

“My art piece is a shadow box, which is all hand cut. So it’s eight layers of all handcut paper,” said McKennan.

She just entered the art world this year, and has already decided to change her life plan to attend art school.

“I was really excited because I don’t do technically traditional art, so sometimes I feel like it’s not valued as much,” said McKennan.

With these new accolades, the young artists are opening new possibilities for their futures.

“A pretty prestigious award, to receive a medal on a national level. And it does put them in that one percent, so there are a number of colleges that Scholastic Art will contact and suggest for scholarships,” said Winterscheidt. 

That kind of recommendation is sure to open even more doors.

McKennan has been accepted to MCAD art school in Minnesota, where she will continue to learn her new passion. Jada says she would like to pursue a career in advertising photography.

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