MADISON, S.D. (KELO) – It often takes some unorthodox and unique thinking to get ahead in the world of business, and an entrepreneurial frame of mind was the theme when Dakota State University hosted their first Entrepreneur Day in Madison Saturday.

Kruttika Sutrave was one of eight presenters at DSU’s first Entrepreneur Day.

“I’ve not done this before so, I’m a bit nervous and very excited,” she said.

Sutrave is a PhD student at DSU. In front of three judges and an audience, she pitched her mobile app PerfectOutfit.

“In last few years, I have wanted to be, like, wanted to have my own company so I guess this is one of the ideas that I might start with,” she said.

Michael Roach, advisor for DSU’s Collegiate Entrepreneurial Organization, says learning to give a 90 second elevator pitch is important for aspiring entrepreneurs.

“It can seem scary to get in front of a group of people and share your idea and kind of lay bare your soul, but once you get up here and do it and figure out that people really are cheering for you to succeed, then it becomes a lot easier to do and encourages them to go on and really build out this idea they got,” Roach said.

Aside from competing against one another with their pitches, college and high school students at Entrepreneur Day also got to learn from current business owners like Tyler Blake and MonaLisa of the clothing brand Wake.

“We’re hoping to give value, we’re hoping that the students here at DSU will learn more about the experience side of business,” Blake said.

And get tips on becoming entrepreneurs.

“Believe in yourself and keep going even if you are fearful,” MonaLisa said.

Matt Paulson, DSU alum and founder of MarketBeat, was one of the judges for the event.

“What I think is important about, kind of, student entrepreneurship is, you know, typically it’s not the first idea that ends up working, but it’s the third or fourth idea that ends up working,” Paulson said. “The key for students, really is just to get started today on something and then eventually they’ll figure out the thing that works.”

Getting started and learning to expand their ideas.

“We’re hoping that these people take these ideas and continue to grow them, continue to build them out. Eventually go out and create great things and hire people and to grow the economy and make the world a better place,” Roach said.

The winning presenters today got cash prizes.