SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO) — This week is National Work Zone Awareness Week. Officials with the City of Sioux Falls are urging all of us to slow down when passing through construction zones.

Drive through one of the biggest construction projects in Sioux Falls, and one thing is clear: it’s a busy area for cars and construction workers.

“Their office is out here, outdoors, working alongside traffic that, if you’re on these interstate projects, posted speeds are in that 60 to 65 if they’re speeding higher than that,” said Craig Smith, Director of Operations for South Dakota Department of Transportation.

That is why officials are asking everyone to slow down and be patient when driving through these projects.

“Almost every day something changes in the traffic pattern. You have to be aware of the signs, you have to be aware of your surroundings and you have to be aware of the people who are working out here and the equipment that’s working out here,” said Greg Branaugh, owner of D&G Construction.

This message is part of Work Zone Awareness Week. South Dakota Highway Patrol says drivers should also be aware of other drivers on the road.

“The closer you follow somebody, if they have to make a split-second change, your reaction time is diminished significantly. So increasing that following distance, to allow people to make changes is important as well,” said Col. Rick Miller, Superintendent, South Dakota Highway Patrol.

Smith says DOT and the City of Sioux Falls will provide continuous updates on these projects so you can plan ahead.

As part of Work Zone Awareness Week, 4th graders across the state participated in a billboard coloring contest.

The winners were announced at a news conference. Their drawings will be featured on two billboards in Sioux Falls.