MADISON, S.D. (KELO) — There are damage reports in at least 28 South Dakota counties after Thursday’s severe weather.

The emergency operations center is open, and the South Dakota National Guard is activated, including in the town of Madison.

Kim Kern’s house is in pieces.

“That’s the hardest part. It was important to us, and we spend a lot of time here,” Madison resident Kim Kern said.

Kern lives on the west side of Madison.

“It’s just tremendous, the loss,” Kern said.

Lori Christensen lives across the street.

She says the damage to her home is minor compared to others in the neighborhood.

“I am the lucky one in the neighborhood. I just lost my front door, some windows. I got some damage to my gutters and some siding, but it’s all fixable,” Madison resident Lori Christensen said.

The storm left its mark all over town, including at Dakota State University.

The Dakota Prairie Playhouse is one of at least two buildings that suffered damage.

Several trees also took a hit.

“Just working with the community to clean up and make sure that everyone is safe in Madison and the Madison area,” DSU VP for business and administrative services Stacy Krusemark said.

“You can’t fight mother nature. And we will get through this and we will be moving forward soon,” Mayor Roy Lindsay said.

As the Kern family also carries on, they’re not alone.

People have been quick to reach out and help.

“This is just a community that has always come through for us, I guess,” Kern said.

Madison Mayor Roy Lindsay said three people reportedly went to the hospital for injuries, but they were treated and released.