STURGIS, S.D. (KELO) — As October rolls in, the city of Sturgis is holding a week-long clean-up event.

Public Works will be picking up items that many people wouldn’t be able to get rid of on their own.

If you need to get rid of it, Sturgis Public Works can pick it up with only a few exceptions.

“So of the items that we can’t take of course are tires, any liquids such as paint or chemicals, or gasoline or oil. Anything of that nature we can’t take,” Director of Public Works Rick Bush said.

Residents say it’s a helpful week, especially when it comes to getting rid of larger items.

“Well, it’s great because first of all trying to find somebody to pick it up and then it’ll probably cost you. So I think it’s a great service and a lot of towns don’t have that,” Sturgis resident Jane Smith said.

Sturgis Public Works has two week-long clean-up events a year. One in the Spring, as well as the one taking place this week, the very first week of October every year. Trying to help those residents here in Sturgis get rid of some of those heavier items that are harder to dispose of themselves.

Clean-up week in the Fall typically follows the city wide garage sale.

“So it gives them an opportunity to put things out that didn’t sell and it gives us a chance to take stuff to the curb because we all don’t have pick-ups to haul things away,” Smith said.

The city director says he’s seen it all when it comes to unique items on clean-up week.

“A wide variety from, you know, exercise bikes to trampolines to appliances, you know televisions. One year we did, we got rid of a piano. So just a little bit of everything,” Bush said.

A big cleanup to prepare for the changing weather.

As the city picks up these items, all they ask is to have them on the curb and ready to go by 7:00 A.M.