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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — You may think of yogurt a quick snack or a breakfast staple. 

But a local dietitian says the dairy product can be used for much more than that.  

Summer is in full swing in KELOLAND, and for some that means a craving for cool snacks such as a yogurt. 

Lorie Hogstad incorporates Greek yogurt into her diet every day. 

“It is a little different it’s a little thicker but once you acclimate to it, it’s delicious,” Hogstad said. 

She uses greek yogurt in various ways, such as a replacement for ice cream and as an additive in smoothies. 

While you can choose to use traditional yogurt as a substitute, registered dietitian Amanda Lambrechts says the protein in Greek yogurt will keep you satisfied longer. 

“A lot of Greek yogurts you’ll find in their little cups have about 15 grams of protein, it makes it really filling for that smoothie. So you have your fruit, maybe you’re adding in spinach or something like that, and then you add that Greek yogurt and it’s really going to fill you up,” Lambrechts said. 

But it’s not just fruity drinks you can add Greek yogurt to. 

She says you can make a healthier spin on your salad by making homemade dressing out of it. 

Making your own dressing can sound intimidating at first but Lambrechts proved you can do it in under two minutes, using ingredients you may already have at home. 

“I think people worry about, they add up, you know like a ranch dressing for example might have a lot of fat content, whereas something like this I can choose if I want the full fat yogurt, if I want the fat-free,” Lambrechts said. 

Something else dietitians say you may not expect to use yogurt in, is baking.

Lambrechts says a quick look at the recipe can help you decide how much you’ll need while baking, or by simply doing an online search. 

“It’s really a good substitute in baking for the oil and eggs and that’s what I use it for and really the consistency is great and it tastes really good, you don’t know the difference,” Hogstad said. 

To see more ways you can use Greek yogurt as a healthy substitute, click here.

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