WORTHINGTON, Minn. (KELO) — Players on the Worthington, Minnesota High School boys soccer team have plenty of reasons to hold their heads high. They’ve completed an undefeated regular season, won their regional championship and now play in the opening round match of the state tournament Thursday. Community support for the Trojans is a cut above the rest.

The Worthington High School boys soccer team has been dominant this year, compiling a perfect record while leading all Minnesota schools in scoring average and defense. Now the players have a goal of claiming the state championship, to boot!

“It will be tough competition, but I think if we play our game and go into it with a competitive mindset, we’ll go out well, have a good game,” Worthington soccer player Isaiah Noble said.

The players are sporting fresh haircuts to add a little more bounce to their headers. The haircuts didn’t cost the players anything.

“It was good because most of us, we did need some haircuts, we just didn’t want to get a haircut, I mean, when something’s free, we’re going to take it,” Worthington soccer player Ulises Barrera said.

The free haircuts are courtesy of New Gen Studio. Barber Victor Sanchez once played soccer for Worthington.

“A haircut always makes you feel like you can take on everything and anything,” Sanchez said.

The free haircuts are not only a show of community pride, but also, an act of generosity to a group of high schoolers who can’t always afford the luxury of a fancy haircut.

“Things have gotten very expensive after the pandemic and we understand that. A lot of parents aren’t able to afford this for these kids so we are able to do that for them,” Sanchez said.

The grateful players say the new haircuts will help their performance on the field.

“People have more confidence. Look good, play good,” Worthington soccer player Jonathan Banegas said.

“I’m not going to miss no balls. Pow! Amazing, actually. Clear the ball out, make goals,” Worthington soccer player Menkem Mehri said.

Just by taking a little off the top, these athletes are performing stylishly from head to toe.

The fifth-seeded Trojans take on number-four seed Willmar Thursday evening.