SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Every workout has its ups and downs, but one woman is taking that concept to the extreme.

If you’ve never done a burpee…

“Fall down to the ground and jump up to celebrate (laugh),” Sioux Falls resident Amy Kerher said.

At Top Fitness in Sioux Falls, burpees are more than exercise.

“Every November, we do a burpee challenge to raise money for a cause,” Top Fitness owner Jesse Frost said.

The burpee challenge is in its fourth year, and Top Fitness Owner Jesse Frost says the money raised will benefit Midwest Honor Flight.

“It was really near and dear to one of our members, so we decided to raise money for Honor Flight and our goal is to at least get one veteran to Washington with our fundraising,” Frost said.

“I think it’s awesome to be able to help the veterans get there and see the memorial,” Kerher said.

Amy Kerher works out on a near-daily basis. While many participants in the challenge pledged to do 25 burpees per day, Kerher set her sights higher.

“434 to get to 13,000,” Kerher said.

She hit her goal and tossed in another 100 burpees for good measure.

“It’s not easy,” Kerher said.

“This year, I did over 1,000,” Sioux Falls resident Brenda Girouard said.

Brenda Girouard exceeded her goal of 25 burpees per day.

“Puts a little extra motivation in us when you’re moving and doing things for a purpose,” Girouard said.

And she has nothing but respect for Kerher.

“I did keep up with Amy a couple years ago and did over 10,000, but she’s amazing,” Girouard said.

“It’s pretty cool to see people come together for a great cause,” Frost said.

As for Kerher, she plans to up the ante next year.

“I have a goal of 15,000 next year (laugh), I’m crazy, I know (laugh),” Kerher said.

It costs $853 to send one veteran on a Midwest Honor Flight mission.