SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — You’ve heard the saying “when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.”.

A young Sioux Falls girl is doing just that only she’s using trees that were damaged in recent storms.

This tall pine tree was no match for mother nature.

It came crashing down a couple of weeks ago in the strong wind.

Joseph Pudas, who lives in the area, saw it all.

“As I was scanning over I watched the big tree come down and of course, within another few days this branch came down,” Pudas said.

That branch he’s talking about turned out to be the start of something else.

And my dad was cutting pieces off the tree and he brought them in and I said I see an owl,” Jade Storevik said.

8-year-old Jade Storevik says the round pieces looked like the eyes for an owl.

So she took that vision and began piecing it together.

Her dad did the cutting, while she did the design work, which took some practicing.

“We kind of made it up along the way how to do it,” Jade said.

Who knew you could make a wooden owl….

“I didn’t realize you were such an artist I like that it’s really wonderful,” Pudas said.

…from a storm damaged tree.

Jade has even given the owl a name; Lucy.

Lucy is the only owl Jade has made so far, she’d like to make more, but that’s going to depend on the weather.

“It depends if they fall down, we only have two more trees, if they both fall down, we could only make two more,” Jade said.

Jade doesn’t want any more storms, but she knows what to do with the branches now.

Meanwhile Lucy will remain right here in the exact same spot where she grew up as a tree branch.

Jade says the best part now is that neighbors will get to enjoy Lucy….

“Um that it’s cute,” Jade said.

… as much as she does.

Jade says the owl is a way to honor her grandpa who planted the trees back in the mid-40’s.