SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — The hunt for two women connected to a deadly weekend shooting in Sioux Falls has ended inside a shuttle van on a remote stretch of interstate in the western United States. Authorities have arrested Martece Saddler and Christina Haney during a traffic stop near Spencer, Idaho.

Saddler and Haney were wanted as material witnesses to Saturday afternoon’s shooting on North Cliff Avenue. Right now, the two Sioux Falls women are sitting in a jail in Rexburg, Idaho as the legal process begins to bring them back to face possible charges in South Dakota.

Earlier, authorities alerted the Idaho State Police that the women may be in Idaho. Then, state police pulled over a shuttle van the two women were riding in and arrested them without incident.

Martece Saddler and Christina Haney’s flight from law enforcement took them hundreds of miles from the Sioux Falls crime scene where three people were shot, one fatally, outside an apartment Saturday. Minnehaha County authorities are working to bring the two women back to Sioux Falls so investigators can learn more about the homicide.

“It all depends on if they wave extradiction and all those types of legal things that come into play.  But obviously, we’re hoping to get them back here sooner than later so we can have the interview process done and hopefully get some information that will help us down the road,” Capt. Loren McManus of the Sioux Falls Police Dept. said. 

Martece Saddler is the sister of the suspected gunman, Ramon Smith, who remains at-large.  Court papers say Christina Haney is Saddler’s girlfriend and the daughter of the man who died.  The search for Saddler, Haney and Smith has been a priority for the U.S. Marshal Service, the Minnehaha County Fugitive Task Force and Sioux Falls Police.

“When you get the Marshal Service involved, they obviously have nationwide jurisdiction and a lot of times they can work within their own agency as they move across the state lines, but ultimately it does come down to cooperation by other state agencies, in this case, the Idaho State Patrol,” McManus said.

Idaho authorities say the shuttle the two women were in at the time of their arrest belongs to Salt Lake Express.  They say it was being driven by someone not connected with the women.