RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — Dozens of semi-truck drivers are currently stuck in Rapid City because of Interstate 90 being shut down.

Some truck drivers have been parked here for hours… and some drivers have been waiting for days.

Including Richard Parrs from Georgia.

“I’ve been stuck here for three days, it ain’t been good,” Richard Parrs, Semi-Truck Driver, said.

Semi-trucks are lined up at gas stations near Interstate 90 just waiting for it to reopen. A lot of the drivers say their deliveries are running way behind.

“I’ve been parked here for 17 hours and waiting for 90 Eastbound to reopen,” Vince Bova, Semi-Truck Driver, said.

Vince Bova from Wisconsin says he has been a truck driver for about 7 years. Driving through weather like this is a part of the job.

“It is just a wait-and-see game with trucking. That is the frustrating part is when you have a little bit a down time that you have, it is still minute-to-minute. It’s not really full relax mode because you just have to be ready to go as soon as you get the word,” Bova said.

Parrs says when trucks are stuck, it impacts more than just the drivers.

“The trucking company is losing money and I am too, plus the people that don’t get their freight,” Parrs said.

The truck drivers ask that when you share the road with semis, it’s important to be patient and slow down when you are near them.

Right now, the interstate is closed leaving Rapid City. Several no-travel advisories are in place across the Black Hills because of the winter storm. If you do not need to go anywhere, stay home.