SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — From major storms to arctic blasts, to winter warm-ups, it’s been a rollercoaster winter in KELOLAND.

It’s not exactly a smooth ride on some Sioux Falls streets.

Drivers may notice some heaving this time of year.

It’s all related to the soil and moisture under the roads.

“As we see a lot of freeze thaw, a lot more moisture under the roads, which can come from up above or can come from below, and when that moisture freezes it expands those soils and so when those soils expand they can push up some streets in some areas,” Sioux Falls street manager Dustin Hansen said.

The streets should return to normal once spring and summer come around.

Bumps and heaving aren’t the only problems on the streets right now.

It’s also the season for potholes.

“There’s a lot of potholes; there’s some really big holes. They’re tough, they’re tough,” Driver Jon Dewitz said.

Hansen says crews are working on potholes this week, but it’s hard to fix them properly in the wintertime.

Snow pickup also continues in some areas of town, as street crews battle the winter season.

“Obviously, when we get this much moisture, this many snow events back to back and we got this much equipment out there and the freeze thaw cycles, yeah, winter is very hard on our streets up here in the northern climates,” Hansen said.

You can report a pothole in town by using the One Link app.

Otherwise, click here for contact information.