Winter storm keeping snow plow drivers busy

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It’s a busy time for the people trying to clear the roads across KELOLAND.

Crews at the state and local levels have been working hard after the weekend storm dropped more than a foot in places.

Mark Honerman calls his truck his home away from home when wintry weather hits.

“Pack our lunch, extra clothes if we get stranded or stuck,” Minnehaha County Highway Equipment Operator Mark Honerman said.

Honerman hit the road at 4:00 Monday morning to begin plowing.

One of today’s challenges: the wind.

“Some of the areas that we’ve got, you could hit them five or six different times and they seem to just drift right back in again,” Honerman said.

While the Sioux Falls area didn’t get the brunt of the snowfall, it did get some rain before the snow.

“So we had some pretty slippery roads and we’ve been dealing with a lot of ice and slush that refreezes at nighttime,” Minnehaha County Highway Superintendent DJ Buthe said.

Honerman will be back in his plow by 4:00 a.m. Tuesday, but you won’t find him complaining.

“The thing that’s the most rewarding for me is seeing a landowner wave at you while you’re out doing something. They really appreciate us being out keeping the roads clean for them,” Honerman said.

Buthe says if you encounter a plow on the roads you should give them space and take your time.

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