SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A big blast of winter will sweep across KELOLAND this week.

The three-day storm could drop more than a foot in eastern South Dakota and southwestern Minnesota.

Lewis customer Kristi Marchetti has been getting ready for the next round of winter weather.

“Gotta get some ice melt for the next storm. Got the shovels and great neighbors next door like they did last storm,” Marchetti said.

The ice melt shelves were mostly bare at Lewis on Minnesota Avenue were mostly bare Monday morning.

Doug Schroeder with Lewis says it’s been a challenge keeping it in stock this season.

Schroeder estimates Lewis has sold about four times the ice melt it usually sells in a season.

“We do have trucks coming. We do have some available in our stores, but we are getting very limited. What has happened across the country is they go on a projection of what they will sell, and there’s a lot of companies not replenishing right now, so we’re just hunting all over the country trying to find more,” Schroeder said.

Schroeder says two trucks with ice melt are on the way.

He hopes the product arrives Tuesday.

Snow throwers have also been selling fast this season.

Schroeder says Lewis has just a handful left within the company.

“It reflects the weather we’ve had. There’s a need this year with all the snow and the ice and what mother nature has thrown at us,” Schroeder said.

“It’s been a long winter. Too much snow, ready for some of it to melt down more. Happy some did melt so we’re ready for the next pile,” Marchetti said.