Winter an ideal time for stormwater channel & pond maintenance

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Lots of people in KELOLAND are hoping for a drier year than what we experienced in 2019.

But no matter what comes our way, the City of Sioux Falls is doing some routine work now to make sure water runs through the city smoothly.

There are more than 200 drainage properties in Sioux Falls, which include stormwater channels and ponds that accumulate silt and sand, so they need to be maintained.

There’s been plenty to see in George Roberts’ neighborhood lately.

Kelli Volk: Do you ever come out on your porch and watch the work?
Roberts: Oh, yeah.

The Sioux Falls man lives right next to the Minnehaha Country Club, which is also where you’ll find a stormwater pond.

“We clean these ponds and channels out so that they have adequate capacity for water to flow through them, and also capacity to accumulate new silt and sediment as that washes off our streets into these pond areas,” City of Sioux Falls Environmental/Stormwater Manager Andy Berg said.

The colder months are more ideal for this work.

“We don’t rut things up or cause as much damage with the frozen ground,” Berg said.

The work being done right helps ease flooding when heavy rain washes through they city.

“These flow pathways that come through the city are imperative to keep those functioning properly so that water can get to the river in an expeditious manner so we’re not blocking it up and causing backwater or those inlets aren’t able to drain properly,” Berg said.

That’s good news for Roberts who’s known what it’s like to deal with flooding.

“When we get heavy rains and stuff, we have less possibility of it ending up in our basement,” Roberts said.

Berg says it’s good for the sand and silt to be captured in the drainage areas so it’s not polluting the river.

The city does this maintenance every year.

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