Does 90 days after fog mean we are going to get any snow or rain?

Most people have heard the old saying 90 days after fog there will be rain or snow.

In Sioux Falls there were 12 days of thick fog in January. 90 days from January 1st is April 1st. Seven of the foggy days were in the first half of the month.

With normal temperatures in April in Sioux Falls between 53 and 65 degrees, this may come as rain. But never rule out an April snowstorm in KELOLAND. April of 2018 comes to mind when Sioux Falls saw nearly 31 and a half inches of snow.

Conditions in the atmosphere are aligning similarly to the spring of 2018.

Much of eastern and central South Dakota, from Aberdeen to Pierre and down to Yankton just to name a few, had thick fog for several days in January as well.

If you believe in the old wives tale, you will need to keep an eye on April.