SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – It’s now been about three years since a major project started along East 10th Street in downtown Sioux Falls.

Originally, the Village on the River was supposed to be a mixed-use ramp that included a hotel and room for restaurants and businesses.

“When this is built, we’re going to look at the building and you won’t even know it’s a parking ramp. It will be a place to play. It will be a place to live,” former Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether said in 2018.

When the City of Sioux Falls broke ground on the Village on the River project three years ago, they had big hopes for what the proposed 15-story, $50 million project would be.

It was supposed to include a ramp, restaurants, hotels and other businesses and be completed in the Fall of 2020. But today, four years after the city unveiled its design, all there is to show for it is a stand-alone parking ramp.

“Obviously, you know, it’s no surprise that that project hasn’t gone like anybody would’ve like to seen it gone, myself included,” Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken said. “But, it was here when I took office, trying to do the best we can with it and move it forward. I’m confident that soon we’ll see some progress happening there.”

In 2019, the city terminated a development agreement with the Village on the River Group. Today there are still questions regarding the future of this spot, but TenHaken says discussions are happening.

“The parking ramp project is open, the ramp is serving the needs that we had for parking,” TenHaken said. “What we’re currently working through, through the legal process, is what the future development around that ramp will look like. The retail as well as how high we can go and what can go up.”

“I know that the city is working diligently to try to make that a successful development and I’m sure that that will come together,” DTSF President Joe Batcheller said. “But, you know, I think people are excited to see something happen with the site, but it’s just a matter of time.”

The parking ramp has been open since July of 2020.