SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Much need rain has fallen across parts of eastern KELOLAND that have been exceptionally dry and hot the past few weeks. But as you are about to see, the window for rain chances is limited in the forecast.

Most of the our weather maps the past few weeks have features talk about this big blocking high pressure ridge wandering back and forth across southern Canada into the northern U.S. This is finally forecast to change course next week.

However, before it looses it’s grip, we have another big shot of Canadian air that will feature plummeting dew points and plummeting rain chances. We’ll have little moisture to work with once dew points drop into the 40s.

The “normal” flow of the jet stream has to return before we have an opportunity for more traditional mid-June rainfall here in KELOLAND. That process will begin next week as a “split flow” features one branch of the jet stream to our south, and the other polar branch coming back to life in southwest Canada. How these features evolve and how fast they evolve will ultimately govern our chances of rain for the second half of the month.

We still have a long way to go on this pattern. Remember, we’ll need at least an inch of rain per week just to keep up with water demands of the growing plants this time of year.