SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A bar east of Sioux Falls won’t be granted three additional malt beverage and wine licenses for now.

While the business at the center of it all is Alibi Bar and Grill, medical marijuana is also part of equation.

Alibi is located at 7605 East Arrowhead Parkway.

Last year, Genesis Farms secured a medical marijuana dispensary license from Minnehaha County for the same address.

“When we first started, the discussion was the bar was moving and then they had issues I’m not aware of. I’m not involved in that business,” Emmett Reistroffer with Genesis Farms said.

During a February 7th meeting, the owner of Triple J, which owns Alibi, explained a new intersection in the area ate away at the business’ parking.

“We’ve kind of been redoing business plans. What can we do? We’ve lost so much parking. It’s affected our business a lot that it’s hard to run a bar out of there. It’s changed our numbers, so we thought we would operate the medical cannabis out of there. That is still a possibility. Over the past year though, we developed some new plans with our contractor to look at maybe just keeping a small bar there and adding the additional malt beverage licenses to put in some more machines,” Triple J owner Chrissy Johnson said on February 7th.

Then a commissioner asked what would happen to plans for a dispensary?

“We’ve got plan where we could alter our current building, plans for a new building. Just kind of seeing what our options would be,” Johnson said on February 7th.

The Minnehaha County Commission gave the applicant two weeks to come back with a solid plan on how to move forward.

“You are asking for two, in my opinion, two completely incompatible uses for that property,” Commission Chairman Jean Bender said on February 7th.

Fast forward to Monday’s commission meeting on February 28th.

Genesis Farms said it wants to build another facility on that location.

“That’s what the building permit authorizes. If anyone’s at fault here, Genesis needs to update our CUP or go through it again or update our plans, but I don’t want to get in the way of the Alibi and the property owner,” Reistroffer said.

“Your ordinance was listed for that property that they are in so you cannot transfer it. You can either withdraw it, but right now, that property, and it was signed off by the property owner is used to be solely for the medical cannabis,” Bender said.

Ultimately, commissioners denied the licenses 4-1.

Commissioner Karsky, who wasn’t ready to take action today, was the lone vote against the action.