SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s a weekend filled with Halloween fun around KELOLAND. For a third year now, a Sioux Falls development is putting on a contest to help you find some of the most festively spooky houses in town.

“This is all lit up after dark, the entire way,” Sioux Falls homeowners Misti and Bryan Nelson said.

From a back yard haunted cemetery…

“Basically the biggest part of the cemetery section with our vampire and bats,” Nelson said. 

…to some sweet trick or treaters.

“Started probably 30 years ago when I got our first ones,” Sioux Falls homeowner Greg Nosbush said. 

There are plenty of impressive Halloween displays across KELOLAND.

“We have a number of homes all across the Sioux Falls area who have entered,” Amy Smolik with Lake Lorraine said. “The one thing they have in common is they all love Halloween.”

This is the third year Lake Lorraine has hosted a Haunted House decorating contest, compiling a list of addresses for people to tour some of the biggest displays in the city.

“The first year it came out, I entered it,” Nelson said. “I basically wanted more people to find out about us because we’re kind of hidden back here.”

The ‘paradise cemetery’ is gaining plenty of notoriety…

“There’s no way you cannot find our house because its lit up like a Christmas tree,” Nelson said. 

…after winning Lake Lorraine’s first competition inspired by the pandemic.

“In 2020 it was one of the safe ways people could get out,” Smolik said. 

The competition is still going strong to continue encouraging people to explore their community.

“Just a great excuse to drive around town, explore the city and drive down some different neighborhoods,” Smolik said. 

“It’s just nice to just get families out and about, looking around, we see so many walking around just in this neighborhood,” Nosbush said. 

Both Nosbush and Nelson said people are encouraged to come onto their yards to enjoy a closer look at their decorations. 

Lake Lorraine has posted the addresses of all the entrants in their Haunted House decorating contest on their webpage.