SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A new event in Sioux Falls is looking to honor military service members old and new.

The USS South Dakota Battleship Memorial on west 12th street will host a ceremony so can people can learn about the ship’s history and connect with its crew.

Steve Nemmers lives up in Aberdeen but when he comes down to SIoux Falls, he makes some time to stop by the USS South Dakota Battleship Memorial.

“I’m a Navy Veteran. And you know, it’s it’s always interesting to stop and look at things and get another perspective,” said Steve Nemmers, US Navy Veteran.

Nemmers served in the Navy in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He was in charge of electronics on a different ship, the USS Gallery.

“The ship I was on was- it was named after three admirals and then served in World War Two and they’ve got some unique history with them too. So it’s kind of a fun thing to follow up on and keep it alive,” Nemmers said.

Tomorrow the Memorial will host its first annual USS South Dakota Day of Honor, which will highlight the three ships that have carried the name.

“There was an armored cruiser in the early 1900s. There is the battleship that this memorial is dedicated to. And then we currently have a an attack submarine nuclear submarine on active duty,” said Diane Diekman, President.

Diane Diekman says the goal of the event is to change the focus of the Memorial to include both past and future generations of service members.

“We do hope to make this an annual event into perpetuity. There will always be South Dakota crew members and there will always be people are interested in history and the service to our nation,” Diekman said.

Nemmers says it’s important to honor not just the service members and their families but the ships as well.

“When the ship is named after someone or something or in case of South Dakota someplace there, it’s an honor,” Nemmers said.

The event will begin Saturday at 10 am with a concert by the Sioux Falls Municipal Band.

The ceremony will also feature keynote speaker Senator Mike Rounds.