SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — If you drive near Lincoln High School in Sioux Falls, you may notice a big change along Cliff Avenue.

A fourplex near the corner of Cliff Avenue and 41st Street is no more.

This demolition work comes after a voluntary buyout by the City of Sioux Falls in conjunction with the South Dakota Department of Transportation.

The destruction is happening ahead of an anticipated interchange reconfiguration at Cliff and I-229 in 2025.

“The interchange work is really to improve traffic flow, avoid the conflict points, improve the interchange configuration so traffic can more easily move in and out of that on the arterial street and in and off the interchange with the interstate as well,” Sioux Falls city engineer Andy Berg said.

City engineering program manager Shannon Ausen says this area has one of the top ten traffic volumes in the city, it runs past Lincoln High School.

“There’s a lot of traffic that are intermingled that have different needs throughout the corridor. Cliff Avenue is one of our main north/south corridors that we want to make sure we protect and get people north and south safely,” Sioux Falls engineering program manager Shannon Ausen said.

City engineer Andy Berg says an added benefit of this demolition is it’s one less building in the floodplain.

A home just across the street from the demolition site was recently moved after a voluntary buyout by the city.

That home was also in the floodplain.

The property’s future use will be determined later.