BRANDON & CANTON, S.D. (KELO) — Christmas is about six weeks away.

If you’re buying a real tree for your home this year, there are some things you should know.

The owner of Riverview Christmas Tree Farm says a perfect storm is leading to a nationwide shortage of Christmas trees.

Todd Gannon says it stems back to 2012 when this year’s trees were being planted.

“We had a significant drought in 2012, which killed a lot of the baby trees. And we were also dealing with the recession in 2012, so a lot of tree farms in the country didn’t plant as many trees because they weren’t selling as many,” Riverview Christmas Tree Farm owner Todd Gannon said.

The farm near Canton is also coming off of a few recent dry years, hurting tree growth.

“Most years we tag over 2,000 trees for people to choose from. This year we’ll be tagging about 75 percent of that for sale,” Gannon said.

Meanwhile, near Brandon, Oakridge Nursery and Landscaping brings in about 350 Christmas trees a season that come from other parts of the country.

One of the owners, Daeman Coughlin, says there should be a pretty good selection at his store.

But he says consumers in the U.S. may have to spend more green to green up their homes this year.

“Demand. There’s less and less growers out there. Like anything else, freight, shipping has gone up and it’s tougher to get the stuff here. Labor is also a big thing as far as the growers getting enough help to cut the trees, get them all bundled, loading, all that stuff too,” Oakridge Nursery and Landscapng co-owner Daeman Coughlin said.

His advice? Be flexible about your tree choice this year.

Gannon anticipates his Christmas trees will likely be sold out by the end of Thanksgiving weekend.

Gannon says there are also supply issues affecting wreaths and garland.