SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — With warmer temperatures this weekend, lawn and garden businesses all over KELOLAND are packed with shoppers.

Carla’s Flower Farm on East 41st Street is open and ready for the season in Sioux Falls.

“Here’s some Coleus growing up a little more, beautiful colors beautiful textures,” said Carla Michel.

In fact, she just got these hanging plants from a farm in Avon

Carla says as the weather warms up, so does the plant buying.

“Once they get going in the baskets, they’re gorgeous,” said Carla.

Carla and her business partner Amy keep busy as the deliveries come in. Hanging plants, perennials and succulents are some of the early favorites here.

“Edibles are popular, grow your gardens start with the herbs and cooler crops, onions everything, it’s a little cold now to put tomatoes in but we’ve got some great varieties,” said Carla.

Roland and Susan Smit stopped by to pick up a plant for her mom. Like all of us, they have been coping with a delayed start to warmer temperatures.

Carla says because the soil needs to warm up a bit, it’s a little too early to put a lot of popular plants in the ground.

“If you are planting in containers, annual plantings that’s above the ground right now it looks like we are out of the frosty nights, so go ahead and plant the containers. You can definitely be putting together your annual baskets right now,” said Carla.

Carla is a big fan of native perennials, and while they have a lot of flowers on the shelves, more shipments are coming.

“We are getting a lot more in so, about one week from now they should be in,” Carla said.

Tom Hanson: Are a lot of shipments coming into places like yours?
Carla: Oh yeah we are just getting started this is nothing yet, it’s going to be a fun season for everybody, all the greenhouses looking forward to this season.

As the daytime temperatures climb, you can bet the flowers here will be blooming and business will be booming.

If you are doing yard clean up in Sioux Falls before planting, you can drop off leaves, old plants and small branches at the landfill. The Lyons Boulevard drop off site west of the fairgrounds is also open until May 29th.