SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It was a scary Memorial Day weekend after several violent storms tore through eastern KELOLAND.

Strong winds, hail and even tornadoes slammed parts of South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota.

But now it’s the insurance companies that are getting slammed.

As people clean up, the bills are piling up.

“Yeah it did, definitely woke me up,” Will Hartmann said.

Hartmann’s house suffered some damage when a large tree branch came crashing down on his roof.

“I immediately called my agent, kind of got an idea of what we’re going to have to do with the tree and whether or not it’ll be covered or not,” Hartman said.

Hartmann isn’t sure yet, just how much damage there is to his roof.

“It’s bowed in, it’s stuff I can’t see, I’m not an expert but according to the tree person and the adjuster who has been out here there’s damage to the roof where the limbs fell down,” Hartmann said.

Whether you have damage to your house or your vehicle one insurance agent tells me that if you need to file a claim, you’re also going to need to be patient.

“Oh it’s been crazy,” Aaron Smith of State Farm said.

Smith says he and his staff are super busy with claims.

Smith says if you have hail damage to your vehicle go ahead and file a claim and talk to a reputable body repair shop.

“There are a lot of body shops that will give loaner cars for the damage and a lot of people need that and that might be one of the first questions you ask,” Smith said.

If they don’t give you a loaner car, then you may need to wait.

“Do you really need the work done now, because the body shops have cars and because of covid and supply chains that are 90 days out on getting parts,” Smith said.

When it comes to roof damage, Smith says not everyone will get a total replacement.

“When you are turning in a wind loss you have to have 30% of that slope of your roof damaged by wind to be eligible for total replacement,” Smith said.

When it comes to hail damage, Smith says not everyone will qualify to file a claim.

“They look for eight hail hits in a 10 by 10 area on each slope of the roof so it needs that 8 hits to be eligible for a replacement,” Smith said.

Hartmann knows it’s going to take a while to settle his claim, so in the meantime, he was told to do this.

“Just take documents, documents, documents is kind of what I’ve been told to do throughout the whole process,” Hartmann said.

Smith says today’s shingles are way more resistant to hail than what they used to be 20 years ago.