DEADWOOD, S.D. (KELO) — South Dakota voters approved sports wagering in Deadwood. So what happens next?

Ben Morawa, of Rapid City, believes sports betting is a good idea for South Dakota and Deadwood specifically.

“I think it will keep more people in South Dakota rather than going to Vegas or Chicago or somewhere else to gamble. So I think all around it would be good for South Dakota’s economy,” Morawa said.

Morawa has done sports wagering in other states and says it’s something he enjoys.

“I think it’s the crowd and being around people and just having a good time,” Morawa said.

David Schneiter is the General Manager of Cadillac Jacks in Deadwood. Schneiter says he is already considering ways to add a sports betting lounge area in the casino.

“We’ve got some ideas that we’re kicking around so it’s exciting. We like to expand and do different things here at Cadillac Jacks,” Schneiter said.

Schneiter says the casino staff is also excited to potentially ring in more dollars with the new Amendment.

“We’ve got employees that, ‘Hey I’m interested in a sportsbook, I want to be involved in sportsbook’ so we’ve got a lot of interest within our staff and I think it’s going to be really exciting,” Schneiter said.

“I just can’t wait until it gets here, when does it start?!” Morawa said.

So now, the Legislature and Governor, along with the South Dakota Commission on Gaming will come up with specific rules to regulate the betting.

If everything goes smoothly, it could start on July 1.

Sports wagering in South Dakota could also be available on mobile devices with a geo-fence that would allow you to bet anywhere in the state.