What will investigators be looking at in officer involved shooting?

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Former attorney general Marty Jackley investigated more than 30 officer involved shootings during his 10 years in office. 

Jackley says there is a protocol that the DCI needs to follow and will be conducting numerous interviews. 

Investigators will also also be looking at the piece of video, shot by a witness in the parking lot.

It’s getting a lot of attention online.  

Former Attorney General Jackley says it could play a big role in the investigation. 

“Whenever there’s an officer involved shooting, the DCI typically takes the lead, but works with other local agencies, so there are several different eyes on an investigation,” Jackley said. 

Jackley says investigators will also be looking at surveillance video from the courthouse. There are two cameras in the area that are focused on the parking lot.

He says they’ll also be interviewing multiple witnesses and collecting and analyzing any physical evidence from the scene, including the weapons involved. 

“The big question that is looked at in any officer involved shooting, is if you examine all the evidence and all the facts that were facing that officer, did he or she act reasonably prudent in ultimately using lethal force, to protect the officer or others in the surrounding area,” Jackley said. 

Jackley says this is what investigators will be looking at.  At first you see the deputy holding what appears to be a yellow taser.

It’s procedure for deputies to carry their taser in what’s called a ‘cross draw’ position, opposite of their dominant hand, so they know  don’t mistakenly draw their weapon when they thought they were drawing the taser. 

Some of the video is inaudible, but you hear deputies yelling at the man to drop the knife several times. 

As the suspect begins to back up, it now looks like the deputy is putting the taser away on his left side as he moves out of frame.

And the next time we see the deputy, he’s now holding the gun, the gun investigators say he fired twice striking the suspect at least once in the abdomen.  

Jackley says other states have followed South Dakota’s protocol when it comes to investigating officer involved shootings, because of the multiple agencies that are involved.  

He says that gives the public transparency and trust.

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