TEA, SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Intense weather this week has meant tree branches where we don’t want them. Kirk Wellman, owner of Wellman LLC Tree Service, and TJ Gniffke, general manager of Action Lawn & Tree Service, both say they’ve had a busy summer. Wellman brings up the value of taking action ahead of time.

“What we like to do is be proactive, get us out here, preferably not right after a storm, and we can kind of look at your trees and a lot of this can be prevented by proper pruning when the trees are smaller and before they fall on houses and roofs,” Wellman said.

He says it’s a good idea to have your eyes peeled.

“Keep an eye out for, like branches that are over your house, cracks in your tree, I mean, take a look up at ’em once in a while,” Wellman said.

It’s a sentiment that Gniffke shares, too.

“Even if you don’t think you got hit by the storm, look around, you might see some hangers up there that you didn’t know, and there’s a lot of trees out there that are kind of half-rotten,” Gniffke said.

It’s easy to appreciate the scenery a tree can give. But as Gniffke points out, there’s reason to be wary.

“A lot of these bigger, mature trees close to the house, a lot of the homeowners are saying, ‘Ah, I really love the shade out of this tree,'” Gniffke said. “And I get that, and I agree with that. However, I’ve taken well too many of these trees off of houses, out of kitchen tables, out of bathrooms.”