RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — Over on the Western part of the state, Rapid City is preparing for the 4th of July celebration in a big way.

For decades, Rapid City has hosted a number of events in honor of America’s Independence Day.

And that includes fireworks.

“We have quite a few different caliber shell sizes here. We’ve got three inches, two and a half, four inch, five and sixes. They all go different heights up in the air and make different size explosions and make the show happen,” Dylan Stanton, Pyrotechnician, said.

J&M is the company running the big show this year. Dylan Stanton says the community is in for a treat.

This year’s fireworks show consists of over a thousand pounds worth of explosives.

The crew has been preparing for months getting all of the fireworks in and safety measures.

“The fire department will be here when we are shooting. They are here in case there is any fire or if any emergency happens and they are also here to help us keep people out and away from the display and keep them at a safe distance,” Stanton said.

And that’s not all. The city is including other performances like the municipal band and other musical guests. The fireworks show starts at 9:30 p.m. and runs a little over 20 minutes.

“Plan ahead. Don’t plan on showing up at 9:15 expecting to find a parking spot and a place where they can plant the lawn chair or the blanket. Do some planning, work with friends and family, come out an hour ahead if you will, find that good parking spot, plant the blanket, plant the chair and get ready for a good show,” Darrell Shoemaker, City of Rapid City, said.

The fireworks show is happening at the Executive Golf Course. People should avoid viewing the show at the course. But crews recommend anywhere downtown as a great place to watch.

There have been several fires around the Black Hills over the weekend. While the Rapid City Fire Department hopes people enjoy the holiday, they encourage everyone to do so safely and realize that even the smallest spark could ignite a wildfire.