What is an F-16?

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You’ve probably heard about the F-16 before. It’s a pretty popular aircraft and if you live in Sioux Falls you have almost certainly heard the F-16 flying above the skies. 

It’s often the first jet to be scrambled in the event of a national emergency. On September 11, F-16s were scrambled to defend the country.  

You may recall F-16 being used in the 1999 crash of Learjet 35 near Aberdeen. An F-16 was used to inspect PGA golfer Payne Stewart’s unresponsive plane. 

The F-16 has been flying in Sioux Falls since 1991. It is a powerful aircraft. It’s fast. It can fly in all weather. It can withstand up to nine times the force of gravity. And it’s expensive… each aircraft costs around $19 million.

According to Air Force safety data, there have been 337 destroyed F-16s since the program started. 

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