DEADWOOD, S.D. (KELO) — With feet of snow in the forecast for parts of Western South Dakota, communities are preparing for another big snowstorm.

It’s looking like the calm before the storm here in Deadwood with another potential winter storm in the forecast.

The Deadwood Street Department is gearing up by securing chains on the snow equipment, cleaning the plows, and resting up before heading out.

“Our equipment has been ready all winter, so we are just making sure the chains are tight, full of fuel, everything is pretty much ready,” Bill Burelson, Street Superintendent, said.

Some businesses, like the Deadwood Mountain Grand, allow staff to stay on-site if they are concerned with the weather conditions.

“And I just think the community as a whole comes together and preps for it. We already know that maybe the City of Deadwood might ask for a couple extra rooms or the police might ask for an extra couple of rooms. It’s a warm, safe place for them and we have food for them and shelter and as far as the property goes, our facilities team is really good at being on hand right away to clear the snow and move it as quickly as they can,” Danielle Osloond, Media Director, said.

In the meantime, people in the community can get supplies before the snow hits. That means groceries, medications, baby supplies, and anything else you might need for a couple days.

“And just try to get your cars off the street and give us plenty of room,” Burleson said.

“Bring on the snow,” Osloond said.

The Mayor of Deadwood urges the public to pay attention to weather updates and be patient with crews as the storm passes.