SIOUX COUNTY, Iowa (KCAU) — A school bond measure for the West Sioux Community School District has passed.

Voters headed to the polls on Tuesday night for local elections in Iowa. The bond measure was just one of many times on ballots around the Siouxland area.

According to Sioux County’s unofficial election results, the measure passed with 923 votes for the measure, obtaining 80% of the vote. The measure required a 60% voter majority to pass. There were 231 votes against the bond.

The West Sioux Community School District has spent the past three years trying to pass a bond measure that would give the school money needed to improve the school building.

Gary Witt, a member of the committee for the Betterment of West Sioux Community School District said in a prior interview that they would need $15.5 million to build a new wing and replace an old wing in Ireton so that they could do the building project while the school is in session. They would also be improving classrooms and infrastructure for heating and utilities in Hawarden.

Another concern hoped to be addressed by the bond measure is improving accessibility for students who need it.

“We have several students who have accessibility needs, some mobility concerns, and we do not unfortunately have locations that are accessible for all of these students,” said Megan State, special education teacher at West Sioux Elementary Schools in a prior interview.