BOX ELDER, S.D. (KELO) — Workers with West River Electric got some real life scenario training today with help from first-responders in the Black Hills.

This is the scenerio…

A downed wire electrocutes four workers, knocking them unconscious. It’s Tucker Hohn’s job to call 911 and do everything he can before first-responders show up.

“You can talk and train about it all you want but until you are in the real life situation you’re not always going to do it right. So practicing it and kind of having muscle memory for it will definitely help out in the future,” Tucker Hohn, Western River Electric, said.

With help from first-responders in the area and West River Electric, crews were able to get the injured people either to the hospital or to the ambulance in a little over 30 minutes.

“It was good to do and hopefully we can keep on practicing so we are ready for the real life situation if it happens,” Hohn said.

And just like real life, today’s training included plenty of curve balls.

“Those are the types of situations that we try to training for more often just because it is a rare event, but you still have to know exactly what you are doing when you show up to these events so we want to practice them more often,” Capt. Mike Bartling, Rapid City Fire Dept., said.

This was West River Electric’s first mock training.

Employees do safety meetings often, but they hope to do another hands-on exercise in the future.