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West Nile Still in Peak Transmission Season

SIOUX FALLS, SD - It's almost football season, which means a lot of fans will be cheering on their favorite teams. Along with your team spirit, you might want to bring along a can of bug spray. We're still in peak transmission season for the West Nile Virus. 

People spending time outside should take note, including Ray Teske and his grandson. The two were spending Tuesday afternoon fishing. Watching his grandson get the catch of the day made Teske's day. 

"I enjoy it more than when I catch a fish," Teske said. 

Teske is glad a few fish are all that are biting. 

Brady: "Have you had any trouble with mosquitoes this summer?"
Ray: "No, I have not."
Brady: "Did you catch another one?"
Ray: "Yeah, he just caught another one."
Brady: "You're on fire!"
Ray: "He pulls 'em in." 

When the bugs are biting, Teske says he wears long clothing to stay safe. That's good, because you're more likely to get West Nile this time of year. 

"We're still in peak transmission, but we're kind of at the tail end," Denise Patton said. 

City of Sioux Falls Health Program Coordinator Denise Patton says cooler temperatures and the rain have kept disease carrying mosquito numbers down, but mosquitoes can linger well into the fall. 

"Certainly we're not through the woods yet. We've got a little bit of summer left and just because the transmission of the virus might be decreasing doesn't mean the risk isn't still there," Patton said. 

People who are hooked on fishing may want to keep that in mind. As for Teske and his grandson, they're glad mother nature has released them from the burden of bug bites. 

"We haven't really had much problem with bugs. We've either been lucky or the wind has been just right," Teske said. 

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