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West Central Humboldt Elementary School's "Souper Bowl"

HUMBOLDT, S.D. - The Superbowl may be over -- but kids at West Central Humboldt Elementary are still winning big. We looked at their take on the "Souper Bowl" and what it means for those in need.

It's a hard fought competition each year at West Central Humboldt Elementary School as each grade competes to see who can bring in the most nonperishable food.

"We brought in food for the people who are less fortunate, and to help people out" Cambree Ideker said.

The program has been going on for 13 years, with many more to come.

"Every year it grows a little bit. I think the kids get more and more excited about it every year. It's just a great way to teach them about compassion and empathy and what they can do to help their community," Cheryl Prunty said.

The elementary school's "Souper Bowl" is a great alternate food source for those in need

"It helps out a lot because a lot of food pantries don't have as much, and they can only come to the food pantry at certain places every three or four months," Barbara Foot said.

The children in 4-B placed second, but knowing they're helping people in need is the true trophy.

"You know that you're helping a family and that when they receive you know that they'll remember, like they'll know that you brought it, and they'll feel good and happy" Cambree Ideker said.

The food donations will be handed out at Faith Lutheran Church, across the street from the school, on Saturday at 10 a.m. for one hour. 

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