ARLINGTON, S.D. (KELO) — Clean-up has been the story for many following intense weather that hit eastern South Dakota this week.

Throughout Arlington, you can spot houses and buildings which suffered severe damage. Teresa Buscher’s home is one of the unfortunate ones.

She got caught in the wind Thursday night half a block from her home.

“Then the trees started to go down on the street and my truck ended up underneath of it all, so I just rode out the storm in my truck,” Buscher said.

Now she, like so many others in town, is clearing up trees and debris.

“It’s been a lot of work. We appreciate all of the help, the town has been wonderful for help,” Buscher said.

Mayor Curt Lundquist said Saturday morning that many of the roads were cleared, with much rebuilding still to do.

“The lumber yard here, the Kneip building across the street lost a chunk of roof, one of our churches lost a couple sections of roof, one of our banks uptown lost their whole roof,” Lundquist said.

Arlington’s fire chief highlights the kind of people who live in Arlington.

“We have a great community here of very giving people and we’ll have it cleaned up very quickly,” Arlington Fire Chief Trevor Keating said.

Though the damage to her home is extensive, Buscher says she’s thankful.

“We’re thankful we still have our home and it’s just a lot of work for clean-up but we’ll be alright,” Buscher said.