SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A slow-moving storm system will continue to give KELOLAND rain through Saturday morning. As rain amounts exceed three inches in areas, this should have quite the impact on the drought monitor.

As rain moved through southern KELOLAND this morning, we had reports of areas already over an inch. As the rain continued into the afternoon amounts of two inches or more started to show up, and more rain is expected through Friday.

All this rain will continue to add up. In fact, computer models are suggesting amounts over four inches can be expected. This model outlines areas of over four inches in and near Wessington Springs as well as along the border of Nebraska and South Dakota.

While amounts are not expected to be as heavy in Minnesota, the over one to two inch amounts there will put a dent on the drought monitor. As you can see, that’s where the severe to extreme drought continues.

If Sioux Falls ends up with a total of two inches of rain; which is on the low-end of model forecasts, that will bring us to our second wettest month this year behind August’s four and a half inches. And there’s another system in the works for late next week. Looks to be an active October.