RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — For the first time since she was stripped of her South Dakota State Senate responsibilities, we are now hearing from Republican Julie Frye-Mueller.

On Wednesday of this week, Republican Senator Lee Schoenbeck, the President Pro Tempore, announced Senator Frye-Mueller’s committee assignments were being taken away.

On Friday, Frye-Mueller was suspended of her Senate powers altogether by a 27 to 6 vote.

Senate Republicans received a detailed report from a Legislative Research Council staff member alleging inappropriate behavior and harassment related to private maternal matters, including childhood vaccines and breastfeeding, which took place inside the State Capitol Building.

Senator Frye-Mueller held a press conference Saturday afternoon in her hometown of Rapid City to respond to these actions for the first time.

“In regards to our discussion on vaccines, I stand by my advice to encourage people to become informed and to be able to make the best choice for themselves and their families. However this does not condone the extreme egregious actions that the South Dakota State Senate has taken against me and disinfranchisng the great people of District 30 and their right to representation in the Senate,” Frye-Mueller said.

You can listen to Frye-Mueller’s entire statement from her press conference Saturday in the video player above.

On Monday, Dan Santella will be in Pierre for team coverage with our Capitol News Bureau Reporter Bob Mercer as the Senate is asked to decide on rules for the committee looking at Frye-Mueller’s alleged actions