SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As businesses across KELOLAND struggle to hire employees, finding volunteers can be an even bigger challenge.

The Washington Pavilion is currently seeking a long list of volunteers and is extremely flexible.

“We always say if you have five hours to give or 5,000 hours to give, we’re grateful for it. If we see you every week or we see you every year it’s always adding value to your organization and we’re grateful for whatever works for you. We will work around you,” Volunteer Coordinator Brett Cooper said.

“Well, I volunteer for a number of different places but it’s just the idea that you’re giving back,” volunteer Jolaine Kempema said.

Jolaine Kempema has been volunteering for three years at the Pavilion, including every Tuesday inside the Visual Arts Center.

“I greet our guests as they come through and if they’ve never been here before then I give a little quick overview of what we have here as far as the galleries go,” Kempema said.

“Folks are reaching out. I think they’re excited to be out doing things and getting involved in the Pavilion is one of those outlets where they’re choosing to get involved and we’re grateful for that,” Cooper said.

Opportunities range from one-time events to daily activities and volunteering has its perks.

“Well, I get to see the Broadway shows when they come in if I’m ushering at those shows and I like to volunteer for the symphony because they’re wonderful,” Kempema said.

“Whatever it is you love about the Pavilion, there is a volunteer component to match and we’re thrilled to have you and can’t wait to have you join the team,” Cooper said.

If you’re interested in volunteering at the Washington Pavilion, click HERE