SIOUX FALLS S.D. (KELO) — Wednesday afternoon, the Washington Pavilion announced a new partnership with the Sanford Underground Research Facility.

The water room may not look like much now, but some dramatic changes are in the works.

“We were fortunate along the way to sit down with our friends at Sanford Underground Research Facility and come up with a way to share their mission while providing this immersive water experience,” said Washington Pavilion director of programming Madelyn Grogan.

Once complete, the room will consist of whirlpools, fog mushrooms, squirt guns, river channels, fountains, and more.

“We got just about everything we can cram into this room possible,” said Grogan.

The remodel perfectly fulfills one of the Pavilion’s main objectives.

“One of our goals here at the Pavilion is just to provide exposure to the kids in our community, to all the different careers, and opportunities, and fields that are out there,” said Grogran.

Scientists at the Sanford Underground Research Facility work with water. The new exhibit will bring those same opportunities to the eastern half of the state.

“SURF is not just a west river story, it is a South Dakota success,” said Mike Headley, executive director of the Sanford Underground Research Facility.

“They’re getting, science, they’re getting technology, engineering, and math, so we look forward to just being able to continue this partnership, not only for what will be in this space but also programming and what we can offer to teach what they are doing out west river and bring it here to our community,” said Grogan.

The exhibit will be on the second floor of the Kirby Science Discovery Center. Construction is already underway, and it should be ready for young scientists in early July.