SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Washington Pavilion is taking its passion for art outside the walls of the Visual Arts Center, helping business owners and residents transform their individual spaces.

The Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls is offering something new with its Art Consulting services.

“It’s really an extension of our Visual Arts Center, so we’ve got an amazing team that comes in and curates spaces like this every day, works with local and regional artists, and so we wanted to take that outside these four walls as a way to get art in front of more people,” Director of Sales & Administration Cameron Ostrom said.

Cameron Ostrom says this is something they’ve been doing informally for some time.

“We had a lot of people reaching out saying ‘building this brand new space, can we come and talk to your curators, can we see what you’re doing in your Visual Arts Center, and so as that demand grew we started to take this more serious that this is a way to serve our community,” Ostrom said.

“If they’re renovating, if they are growing, expanding, we offer a service that provides something really beautiful and something really special to a business space,” Assistant Curator Erin Castle said.

Erin Castle is the Assistant Curator of the Visual Arts Center and walks clients through the process from A to Z.

“We will come to them with a variety of different styles of artwork, if that’s local or regional or national, and present them with options,” Castle said.

The service includes everything from art selection and acquisition to installation and curation, and allows the team an opportunity to showcase local artists.

“They’re not looking for something generic, they want something that’s going to amplify the culture of their community within their businesses, and so when I can understand what they’re looking for and bring them an artist that I know their stories are going to connect, they’re really going to feel something from this, that brings me a lot of joy,” Castle said.

If you’d like to learn more about the Art Consulting services at the Washington Pavilion, click HERE