SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Graduation is still a few days away, but Washington High School seniors are already celebrating with the help of a local elementary school. Ann Sullivan is the home where students of all ages are remembering the past while also looking ahead to the future.

The walk from Washington High School to Anne Sullivan elementary is something many of these high school seniors have been looking forward to, including Dursitu Omar.

“I was feeling quite emotional seeing my little cousins in the hallway giving me a high-five and hugging me. And on top of that, my teachers as well. My favorite teachers from Anne Sullivan and giving them a hug was also heartwarming,” Dursitu Omar said.

Dursitu and many of her classmates not only went to elementary school here, they’ve also been visiting during their senior year.

“So they’ve seen them throughout the year, and now they get to see them in graduation cap and gown,” Anne Sullivan Principal Nikkie Duin said.

“Just thinking about it made me emotional because like I’m done with school now. I’m graduating,” Omar said.

“It’s just a special time for our students, as elementary students, to see what they will look like in the future. And that they can achieve graduation just as much as these students are right now,” Duin said.

After graduation, Dursitu plans to attend college and follow a dream she’s had since she was a student at Anne Sullivan.

“I’ve always wanted to do nursing, especially since elementary school. So, now that, you know, I’m majoring in that and like actually doing what I wanted to do as a kid it’s amazing,” Omar said.

“It’s an amazing honor and privilege to watch them and see how they have accomplished this great goal of graduation and I’m just super proud of them,” Duin said.